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Book reviews


Eric Hazan, Balzac's Paris: The City as Human Comedy, Guardian 20.06.24

Joseph O'Neill, Godwin, Times Literary Supplement 21.06.24

Blake Butler, Molly, Times Literary Supplement 25.04.24


Salman Rushdie, Knife: Meditations After an Attempted Murder, Irish Times 20.04.24

John Patrick Higgins, Teeth: An Oral History, Spectator 18.04.24

Kaveh Akbar, Martyr!, Guardian 30.03.24

Harry Edward, When I Passed the Statue of Liberty I Became Black: The lost memoir of Britain’s first Black Olympic medal winner and the America he discovered, Times Literary Supplement 22.03.24

Lauren Oyler, No Judgement: On Being Critical, Guardian 09.03.24

Matthew Longo, The Picnic: An Escape to Freedom and the Collapse of the Iron Curtain, Guardian 27.02.24

Sigrid Nunez, The Vulerables, Sunday Times 21.01.24

Mike McCormack, This Plague of Souls, Sunday Times 05.11.23

Mickael Correia, A People's History of Football, Irish Times 04.11.23

Graham Linehan, Tough Crowd: How I Made and Lost a Career in Comedy, Irish Times 21.10.23

Viktoria Lloyd-Barlow, All the Little Bird-Hearts, Sunday Times 17.09.23

Adam Thirlwell, The Future Future, Spectator 12.08.23

Jamel Brinkley, Witness, Guardian 12.08.23

Jeff Jarvis, The Gutenberg Parenthesis: The Age of Print and Its Lessons for the Age of the Internet, Guardian 05.08.23

Maya Binyam, Hangman, Times Literary Supplement 04.08.23

Khashayar Khabushani, I Will Greet the Sun Again, Sunday Times 30.07.23

Mary O'Donoghue, The Hour After Happy Hour, Irish Times 15.07.23

Patrick DeWitt, The Librarianist, Irish Times 08.07.23

Nii Ayikwei Parkes, Azúcar, Guardian 24.06.23

Guy Gunaratne, Mister Mister, Sunday Times 11.06.23

Caleb Azumah Nelson, Small Worlds, Sunday Times 04.06.23

Kathryn Scanlan, Kick the Latch, Spectator 01.06.23

Sheila Armstrong, Falling Animals, Irish Times 27.05.23

Deborah Levy, August Blue, Spectator 25.05.23

Han Kang, Greek Lessons, Times Literary Supplement 05.05.23

Fernanda Melchor, This Is Not Miami, Sunday Times 30.04.23

Max Porter, Shy, Financial Times 08.04.23

Lizzie Dearden, Plotters: The UK Terrorists Who Failed, Guardian 25.03.23

Polly Barton, Porn: An Oral History, Frieze online 23.03.23

Michelle Min Sterling, Camp Zero, Sunday Times 19.03.23

Nicole Flattery, Nothing Special, Irish Times 04.03.23

Gavin McCrea, Cells: Memories for My Mother, Times Literary Supplement 03.03.23

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, A Stranger in Your Own City: Travels in the Middle East's Long War, Guardian 25.02.23

Kübra Gümüşay, Speaking and Being: How Language Binds and Frees Us, Times Literary Supplement 24.02.23

Joseph O'Connor, My Father's House, Telegraph 21.01.23

Mario Vargas Llosa, The Call of the Tribe: Essays, Irish Times 21.01.23

Jonathan Dee, Sugar Street, Times Literary Supplement 20.01.23

Adrian Duncan, A Sabbatical in Leipzig, Sunday Times 20.11.22

Paul Hayward, England Football: The Biography 1872 - 2022, Times Literary Supplement 11.11.22

Guy Ware, The Peckham Experiment, Telegraph 06.11.22

Amina Cain, A Horse at Night: On Writing, Times Literary Supplement 04.11.22

Stephen Marche, The Next Civil War, Tribune online 03.04.22

James Hannaham, Didn't Nobody Give a Shit What Happened to Carlotta, Financial Times 29.10.22

Jonathan Coe, Bournville, Telegraph 29.10.22

Jimi Famurewa, Settlers: Journeys Through the Food, Faith and Culture of Black African London, Guardian 15.10.22

Brendan Barrington (ed.), Show Your Work: Essays from the Dublin Review, Irish Times 01.10.22

Percival Everett, The Trees, Literary Review October 2022

Wayne Holloway, Our Struggle, Times Literary Supplement 30.09.22

Andrew Sean Greer, Less is Lost, Sunday Times 11.09.22

Namwali Serpell, The Furrows, Sunday Times 28.08.22

Thuan, Chinatown, Tribune Summer 2022

Mohsin Hamid, The Last White Man, Sunday Times 31.07.22

Simon Mawer, Ancestry, Sunday Times 24.07.22

Edouard Louis, A Woman's Battles and Transformations, Spectator 09.07.22

Michael Pedersen, Boy Friends, Guardian 02.07.22

Hanna Bervoets, We Had to Remove This Post, Guardian 18.06.22

Benjamin Markovits, The Sidekick, Sunday Times 05.05.22

David Sedaris, Happy-Go-Lucky, Guardian 04.06.22

Adrian Duncan, The Geometer Lobachevsky, Guardian 14.05.22

Graham Caveney, On Agoraphobia, Gawker 12.05.22

Marina Yaguello, Imaginary Languages: Myths, Utopias, Fantasies,Illusions and Linguistic Fictions, Spectator 23.04.22

Yascha Mounk, The Great Experiment: How to Make Diverse Democracies Work, Guardian 23.04.22

Alejandro Zambra, Chilean Poet, Financial Times 19.03.22

Niamh Campbell, We Were Young, Sunday Times 13.03.22

Symeon Brown, Get Rich or Lie Trying: Ambition and Deceit in the New Influencer Economy, Financial Times 05.03.22

Pankaj Mishra, Run and Hide, Irish Times 26.02.22

Nina Power, What Do Men Want? Masculinity and Its Disconcents, Guardian 19.02.22

Wendy Erskine, Dance Move, Financial Times 12.02.22

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois, Sunday Times 06.02.22

Sidarta Ribeiro, The Oracle of Night: The History and Science of Dreams, Guardian 08.01.22

Amitava Kumar, A Time Outside this Time, Irish Times 08.01.22

Valentin Gendrot, Cop: A Journalist Infiltrates the Police, Guardian 01.01.22

Iris Hanika, The Bureau of Past Management; and Katharina Volckmer, The Appointment, The London Magazine December 2021/January 2022

William Gardner Smith, The Stone Face, Tribune online 29.12.21

Mario Vargas Llosa, Harsh Times, Sunday Times 21.11.21

Stephen Mumford, A Philosopher Looks at Sport, Times Literary Supplement 12.11.21

Sergio Del Molino, Skin, Guardian 30.10.21

Joshua Ferris, A Calling for Charlie Barnes, Literary Review October 2021

Adam Mars-Jones, Batlava Lake, Tribune Autumn 2021

Anthony Doerr, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Sunday Times 19.09.21

Raphaela Edelbauer, The Liquid Land, Guardian 11.09.21

David Grossman, More Than I Love My Life, Sunday Times 29.08.21

Dennis Duncan, Index, A History of The, Financial Times 28.08.21

David Keenan, Monument Maker, Sunday Times 08.08.21

Leila Slimani, The Country of Others, Financial Times 29.07.21

Thando Mgqolozana, A Man Who is Not a Man, Times Literary Supplement 29.07.21

Guillem Balagué, Maradona: The Boy. The Rebel. The God, Times Literary Supplement 16.07.21

David Peace, Tokyo Redux, Sunday Times

Maël Renouard, Fragments of an Infinite Memory: My Life With the Internet, Times Literary Supplement 03.06.21

Lucy Caldwell, Intimacies, Irish Times 22.05.21

Sunjeev Sahota, China Room, Sunday Times 16.05.21

Minae Mizumura, An I-Novel, Boston Review 14.05.21

Jack Underwood, Not Even This: Poetry, Parenthood & Living Uncertainly, Guardian 08.05.21

Eline Lund Fjæren, Fixed Ideas, Times Literary Supplement 06.05.21

Benjamin Myers, Male Tears, Guardian 01.05.21

Jon McGregor, Lean Fall Stand, Sunday Times 25.04.21

Hoda Barakat, Voices of the Lost, Times Literary Supplement 08.04.21

Jeet Thayil, Names of the Women, Sunday Times 04.04.21

Delphine Minoui, The Book Collectors of Daraya: A Band of Syrian Rebels, Their Underground Library, and the Stories that Carried Them Through a War, Financial Times 27.03.21


Yaa Gyasi, Transcendent Kingdom, Sunday Times 07.03.21


Joanna Bourke, Loving Animals: On Bestiality, Zoophilia and Post-Human Love, Times Literary Supplement 19.02.21


Patricia Lockwood, No One Is Talking About This, Literary Review February 2021

Lauren Oyler, Fake Accounts, Sunday Times 31.01.21

Richard Flanagan, The Living Sea of Waking Dreams, Sunday Times 17.01.21


Jasper Gibson, The Octopus Man, Guardian 16.01.21

Davide Sisto, Online Afterlives: Immortality, Memory, and Grief in Digital Culture, Los Angeles Review of Books 11.01.21

Lisa Siegel, The People's Porn: A History of Handmade Pornography in America, Los Angeles Review of Books 22.12.20

Mary Gaitskill, Lost Cat, Times Literary Supplement 18.12.20

Hassan Blasim, God 99, Guardian 12.12.20

David Keenan, Xstabeth, Spectator 06.11.20

Guillermo Stitch, Lake of Urine, Times Literary Supplement 30.10.20

Carles Viñas and Natxo Parra, St. Pauli: Another Football is Possible, Tribune online 27.10.20

Tsitsi Dangarembga, This Mournable Body, Sunday Times 11.10.20

Peter Ackroyd, Mr Cadmus, Sunday Times 04.10.20

Caoilinn Hughes, The Wild Laughter, Financial Times online 29.09.20

Hilary Mantel, Mantel Pieces: Royal Bodies and Other Writing from the London Review of Books, Sunday Times 27.09.20

Evan Smith, No Platform: A History of Anti-Fascism, Universities and the Limits of Free Speech, Red Pepper Autumn 2020

Yiyun Li, Must I Go, Sunday Times 16.08.20

Ali Smith, Summer, Sunday Times 26.07.20

Robert Perisic, No-Signal Area, Spectator 18.07.20

Stuart Evers, The Blind Light, Sunday Times 28.06.20

Alex Niven, New Model Island: How to Build A Radical Culture Beyond the Idea of England, Times Literary Supplement 25.06.20

Shola von Reinhold, LOTE, Guardian 12.06.20

Porochista Khakpour, Brown Album: Essays on Exile and Identity, Guardian 23.05.20

Juan Pablo Villalobos, I Don’t Expect Anyone to Believe Me, Guardian 16.05.20

Ingrid Persaud, Love After Love, Sunday Times 10.05.20


Garth Greenwell, Cleanness, Irish Times 02.05.20


Samanta Schweblin, Little Eyes, Literary Review April 2020


Adam Mars-Jones, Box Hill, Spectator 14.03.20


Petina Gappah, Out of Darkness, Shining Light, Sunday Times 01.03.20


Luke Brown, Theft, Guardian 29.02.20


Clement Knox, Strange Antics: A History of Seduction, Spectator 01.02.20


Deepa Anappara, Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line, Sunday Times 26.01.20


Rob Doyle, Threshold, New Statesman 24.01.20


Carlos Manuel Alvarez, The Fallen, Times Literary Supplement 24.01.20


Lars Iyer, Nietzsche and the Burbs, Sunday Times 05.01.20


Ananda Devi, The Living Days, Guardian 04.01.20


Jess Phillips, Truth To Power: 7 Ways to Call Time on BS, Tribune online 03.01.20

Caleb Klaces, Fatherhood; and Ben Lerner, The Topeka School, London Magazine December 2019/January 2020

Dave Eggers, The Captain and the Glory, Spectator 14.12.19


Kevin Barry & Olivia Smith (eds.), Winter Papers vol. 5, Irish Times 08.12.19

Will Self, Will, Times Literary Supplement 22.11.19

Bill Mullen, James Baldwin: Living in Fire, Guardian 16.11.19

Julian Barnes, The Man in the Red Coat, Irish Times 09.11.19


Roderick Stanley (ed.), Good Trouble, Times Literary Supplement 25.10.19


Zadie Smith, Grand Union, Irish Times 19.10.19


Toby Litt, Patience, Guardian 05.10.19


Michel Houellebecq, Serotonin, Literary Review October 2019


Anne Boyer, The Undying, Irish Times 27.09.19


Jonathan Gibbs, The Large Door, Full Stop 26.09.19


JJ Bola, Mask Off: Masculinity Redefined, Guardian 13.09.19


Fereshteh Ahmadi (ed.), The Book of Tehran, Times Literary Supplement 09.08.19


Oisín Fagan, Nobber, Irish Times 03.08.19


Lisa Taddeo, Three Women, Irish Times 20.07.19


Paul Baker, Fabulosa! The Story of Britain’s Secret Gay Language, Financial Times 06.07.19


Geovani Martins, The Sun on My Head, Guardian 06.07.19


Edouard Louis, Who Killed My Father; and Christophe Guilluy, Twilight of the Elites: Prosperity, the Periphery, and the Future of France, The London Magazine June/July 2019


Faruk Šehić, Under Pressure, Guardian 22.06.19


Matthew Sperling, Astroturf, Times Literary Supplement 21.06.19


Iain Reid, Foe; and Mark Trevor Thomas, The Bothy, Times Literary Supplement 14.06.19


Will Wiles, Plume, Tribune online 09.06.19

Joseph Reagle, Hacking Life: Systematized Living and Its Discontents, New Statesman 23.05.19

Jay David Bolter, The Digital Plenitude: The Decline of Elite Culture and the Rise of New Media, Frieze online 14.05.19

Hugo Hamilton, Dublin Palms, Irish Times 04.05.19

Julia Armfield, Salt Slow; and Nicole Flattery, Show Them A Good Time; and Lucy Caldwell (ed.), New Irish Stories, Literary Review May 2019

Saskia Vogel, Permission, Guardian 13.04.19

Ahmet Altan, I Will Never See the World Again, Financial Times 06.04.19


George Hawley, The Alt-Right: What Everyone Needs to Know, Guardian 23.03.19


James Meek, Dreams of Leaving and Remaining, Tribune online 22.03.19


Robert Rowland Smith, Autobiophilosophy: An Intimate Study of What it Means to be Human, Times Literary Supplement 22.03.19


James Morrison, Scroungers: Moral Panics and Media Myths, Guardian 09.03.19


Kevin Breathnach, Tunnel Vision, Irish Times 02.03.19


Adam Scovell, Mothlight, Irish Times 16.02.19


John Wray, Godsend, Irish Times 02.02.19


Simon Lancaster, You Are Not Human: How Words Kill, Los Angeles Review of Books 29.01.19


Josh Cohen, Not Working: Why We Have to Stop, Spectator 12.01.19


Thomas Jones, Game Theory, Prospect January 2019

Dan Lyons, Lab Rats: Why Modern Work Makes People Miserable; and Heike Geissler, Seasonal Associate, Guardian 29.12.18

Jean Amery, Charles Bovary, Country Doctor: Portrait of a Simple Man, Guardian 22.12.18

Wendy Erskine, Sweet Home, Times Literary Supplement 21.12.18

Thomas Page McBee, Amateur: A True Story about What Makes a Man, Times Literary Supplement 21.12.18

Sam Byers, Perfidious Albion, Tribune November/December 2018

Ashley Jackson, Persian Gulf Command: A History of the Second World War in Iran and Iraq, Times Literary Supplement 30.11.18

Marina Benjamin, Insomnia, Spectator 02.11.18

Ben Marcus, Notes from the Fog, Irish Times 13.10.18

Olivia Laing, Crudo; and Sophie Mackintosh, The Water Cure; and Guy Gunaratne, In Our Mad and Furious City, Literary Review October 2018

Kwame Anthony Appiah, The Lies that Bind: Rethinking Identity, Irish Times 15.09.18

Joe Hayman, British Journey, Times Literary Supplement 07.09.18


Mike Wendling, Alt-Right: From 4Chan to the White House, Los Angeles Review of Books 05.09.18


Sally Rooney, Normal People, Literary Review September 2018


Toby Litt, Wrestliana, Times Literary Supplement 24.08.18


William Wall, Graces’s Day, Irish Times 11.08.18


Charlotte Higgins, Red Thread: On Mazes and Labyrinths, Prospect August 2018


Joe Kennedy, Authentocrats, Guardian 18.07.18


Nikesh Shukla, The One Who Wrote Destiny, Times Literary Supplement 13.07.18


Ann Quin, The Unmapped Country: Stories and Fragments; and Sam Riviere, Safe Mode, The London Magazine June/July 2018


Robert Verkaik, Posh Boys: How  the English Public Schools Ruin Britain, Guardian 30.06.2018

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, The Tyranny of Lost Things, Irish Times 23.06.18

DJ Taylor, Rock and Roll Is Life: The True Story of the Helium Kids by One Who Was There: A Novel, Spectator 16.06.18


Rebecca O’Connor, He Is Mine and I Have No Other, Irish Times 09.06.18


Lynne Vallone, Big and Small: A Cultural History of Extraordinary Bodies, Times Literary Supplement 05.06.18


Mia Gallagher, Shift, Irish Times 02.06.18


James Smythe, I Still Dream, Guardian 01.06.18


Negar Djavadi, Disoriental, New Internationalist June 2018


Lydia Yuknavitch, The Misfit’s Manifesto, Times Literary Supplement 18.05.18


Joanna Walsh, Break.up, Irish Times 12.05.18


Anbara Salam, Things Bright and Beautiful, Irish Times 05.05.18

Will Eaves, Murmur, Irish Times 14.04.18


Chris Power, Mothers; and Emily Fridlund, Catapult; and Lionel Shriver, Property; Literary Review April 2018


Alex Hanscombe, Letting Go: A True Story of Murder, Loss and Survival by Rachel Nickell’s Son, Times Literary Supplement 30.03.18


Patrick Langley, Arkady, Irish Times 24.03.18


Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Los Angeles Review of Books 08.03.18


Marilynne Robinson, What Are We Doing Here?, Irish Times 24.02.18


Brian Dillon, In The Dark Room, Irish Times 24.02.18


Johann Hari, Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions, Irish Times 17.02.18

M. John Harrison, You Should Come With Me Now; and T.C. Boyle, The Relive Box: And Other Stories; and Leonard Michaels, The Nachman Stories, Spectator 17.02.18

Jason Schwartz, A German Picturesque, Times Literary Supplement 16.02.18

Joe Dunthorne, The Adulterants, Irish Times 10.02.18

Tony White, The Fountain in the Forest, Spectator 03.02.18

Franklin Foer, World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech, Prospect February 2018

Sadeq Hedayat, The Blind Owl and Other Stories, Asymptote Winter 2018

Gwendoline Riley, First Love, The London Magazine December 2017/January 2018

Johannes Urzidil, The Last Bell, Los Angeles Review of Books 02.12.17

Fleur Jaeggy, I Am The Brother of XX; and Fleur Jaeggy, These Possible Lives, Times Literary Supplement 01.12.17

AS Patrić, Black Rock White City, Guardian 11.11.17

Malcolm Harris, Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials; and Jean Twenge, iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy – and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood – and What That Means for the Rest of Us, New Statesman 10.11.17


Ali Smith, Winter, Irish Times 04.11.17


David Keenan, This Is Memorial Device, The London Magazine October/November 2017


Andrew Michael Hurley, Devil’s Day; and Rowan Routh (ed.), Eight Ghosts: The English Heritage Book of New Ghost Stories; and Charles Lambert, Two Dark Tales; and Laura Purcell, The Silent Companions; and Eileen Jones & Peter Mortimer (eds.), Cold Iron: Ghost Stories from the 21st Century, Times Literary Supplement 27.10.17


Annabel Brady-Brown & Zoe Dzunko (eds.), The Lifted Brow, Times Literary Supplement 27.10.17

Francis Spufford, True Stories: And Other Essays, Financial Times 14.10.17

Frank McGuinness, The Woodcutter and His Family, Irish Times 14.10.17

Carlo Gebler, The Innocent of Falkland Road, Irish Times 06.10.17

Chris Knight, Decoding Chomsky: Science and Revolutionary Politics, Times Literary Supplement 06.10.17

Fiona Mozley, Elmet, Spectator 16.09.17

Robert Webb, How Not to Be a Boy, Times Literary Supplement 15.09.17

David Hayden, Darker With the Lights On, Irish Times 09.09.17

Brian Blanchfield, Proxies: A Memoir in Twenty-four Attempts, Financial Times 02.09.17

Yuri Herrera, Kingdom Cons, New Internationalist September 2017


Deyan Sudjic, The Language of Cities, The London Magazine August/September 2017

David Conn, The Fall of the House of Fifa, Times Literary Supplement 18.08.17


Omar Robert Hamilton, The City Always Wins, Literary Review August 2017


Edward Docx, Let Go My Hand, Prospect August 2017


Gordon Lish, White Plains; and Joshua Ferris, The Dinner Party; and Mary Gaitskill, Don’t Cry; and Jim Shepard, The World to Come, Spectator 21.07.17


Joanna Walsh, Seed, Irish Times 08.07.17


Sally O’Reilly, Crude, The London Magazine June/July 2017


Simon Okotie, In the Absence of Absalon, Spectator 29.06.17


William Giraldi, The Hero’s Body; and Howard Cunnell, Fathers and Sons, Times Literary Supplement 26.06.17


Nuala O’Connor, Joyride to Jupiter, Irish Times 10.06.17


JD Daniels, The Correspondence, Los Angeles Review of Books 07.06.17

Sally Rooney, Conversations with Friends; and Elif Batuman, The Idiot; and Patty Yumi Cottrell, Sorry to Disrupt the Peace, Literary Review June 2017

Han Yujoo, The Impossible Fairy Tale, Times Literary Supplement 24.05.17

Colum McCann, Letters to a Young Writer: Some Practical and Philosophical Advice, Irish Times 20.05.17

Nadia Marzouki, Duncan McDonnell & Olivier Roy eds., Saving the People: How Populists Hijack Religion, Times Literary Supplement 12.05.17

Eula Biss, Notes From No Man’s Land, Irish Times 29.04.17


Roger Domeneghetti, From the Back Page to the Front Room: Football’s Journey Through the English Media, Times Literary Supplement 14.04.17


Daniel Magariel, One of the Boys, 3AM Magazine 14.04.17


Lisa McInerney, The Blood Miracles, Literary Review April 2017


Bakhtiyar Ali, I Stared At The Night Of The City, Times Literary Supplement 24.03.17


Adam Alter, Irresistible: Why We Can’t Stop Checking, Scrolling, Clicking and Watching, Irish Times 18.03.17


Michael Adams, In Praise of Profanity; and Benjamin Bergen, What the F: What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves, Times Literary Supplement 17.03.17


Sarah Chaney, Psyche on the Skin: A History of Self-Harm, Times Literary Supplement 10.03.17


Stefan Hertmans, War and Turpentine, The London Magazine February/March 2017


Lara Pawson, This is the Place to Be, Los Angeles Review of Books 27.02.17


Cherian George, Hate Spin: The Manufacture of Religious Offense and its Threat to Democracy, Times Literary Supplement 17.02.17


Dana Spiotta, Innocents and Others, Irish Times 11.02.17


Ismail Kadare, The Traitor’s Niche, Irish Times 04.02.17

Kathleen Collins, Whatever Happened to Interracial Love? Literary Review February 2017

Gillian Beer, Alice in Space: The Sideways Victorian World of Lewis Carroll, Prospect February 2017

Ottessa Moshfegh, Homesick for Another World, Irish Times 21.01.17


Tim Pears, The Horseman, Spectator 14.01.17

Rory Gleeson, Rockadoon Shore, Irish Times 14.01.17


Emily Witt, Future Sex: A New Kind of Free Love, Little Atoms 03.01.17


Sebastian Barry, Days Without End, Prospect January 2017


Bae Suah, A Greater Music, Asymptote Winter 2017

Alejandro Zambra, Multiple Choice, Literary Review December 2016/January 2017

Stoddard Martin, Monstrous Century: Essays in ‘the Age of the Feuilleton’, Los Angeles Review of Books 08.12.16

Ali Smith, Autumn, Irish Times 05.11.16

Diane Williams, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Irish Times 05.11.16

Zadie Smith, Swing Time, Literary Review November 2016

Nile Green, The Love of Strangers: What Six Muslim Students Learned in Jane Austen’s London, The London Magazine October/November 2016

Alan Bennett, Keeping On Keeping On, Irish Times 29.10.16


Diego Gambetta & Stefan Hertog, Engineers of Jihad: The Curious Connection Between Violent Extremism and Education, The Tablet 29.10.16


Rachel Jolley (ed.), Index on Censorship, Times Literary Supplement 28.10.16


Adrian Nathan West, The Aesthetics of Degradation, Los Angeles Review of Books 17.10.16

Ottessa Moshfegh, Eileen, Literary Review October 2016

Ananda Devi, Eve Out of Her Ruins, New Internationalist October 2016


Anna Metcalfe, Blind Water Pass: And Other Stories, Times Literary Supplement 23.09.16


Neil Hegarty, Inch Levels, Irish Times 10.09.16


Melissa Mohr, Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing, Times Literary Supplement 02.09.16


Jonathan Safran Foer, Here I Am, Literary Review September 2016


Eimear McBride, The Lesser Bohemians, Prospect September 2016


Behrooz Ghamari, Remembering Akbar: Inside the Iranian Revolution, New Internationalist September 2016


Margo Jefferson, Negroland: A Memoir, Irish Times 20.08.16


Teju Cole, Known and Strange Things, Spectator 06.08.16


Anjali Joseph, The Living, Prospect August 2016


Darian Leader, Hands: What We Do With Them – And Why, Times Literary Supplement 15.07.16


Jules Boykoff, Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics, Jacobin 05.07.16


Peter Oborne, Not the Chilcot Report, Open Democracy 05.07.16


DBC Pierre, Release the Bats: Writing Your Way Out of It, Irish Times 02.07.16


Natasha Stagg, Surveys: A Novel, Los Angeles Review of Books 19.06.16

Michael G. Brennan, Graham Greene: Political Writer, The London Magazine June/July 2016


Ziauddin Sardar, Islam Beyond the Violent Jihadis: An Optimistic Muslim Speaks, New Internationalist June 2016


VH Leslie, Bodies of Water, Irish Times 21.05.16

Marc Wittmann, Felt Time: The Psychology of How We Perceive Time, Times Literary Supplement 20.05.16

Tom Lean, Electronic Dreams: How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer, Times Literary Supplement 06.05.16

Garth Greenwell, What Belongs to You, 3AM Magazine 18.04.16

Jack Cox, Dodge Rose, Full Stop 11.04.16

DJ Taylor, The Prose Factory: Literary Life in England Since 1918, The London Magazine April/May 2016

Ismail Kadare, A Girl In Exile, New Internationalist April 2016


Maija Timonen, The Measure of Reality, Frieze April 2016

Donald Drakeman, Why We Need the Humanities: Life Science, Law and the Common Good, Times Literary Supplement 18.03.16

Gary Cross, Consumed Nostalgia: Memory in the Age of Fast Capitalism; and Owen Hatherley, The Ministry of Nostalgia: Consuming Austerity, New Humanist Spring 2016

Deborah Levy, Hot Milk, Literary Review March 2016

Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir, Prospect March 2016 

Julian Barnes, The Noise of Time, The London Magazine February/March 2016

Daniel Sada, One Out of Two, The Scofield Winter 2016


Doug Henwood, My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency, Open Democracy 01.02.16


Rob Doyle, This is the Ritual, Irish Times 23.01.16


Diana Athill, Alive, Alive Oh! And Other Things that Matter, Irish Times 09.01.16

John Banville, The Blue Guitar, Los Angeles Review of Books 24.12.15

Emmanuel Todd, Who is Charlie?: Xenophobia and the New Middle Class, The Tablet 28.11.15

Raphael Honigstein, Das Reboot: How German Football Reinvented Itself and Conquered the World, Times Literary Supplement 27.11.15

Joseph Roth, The Hotel Years, Los Angeles Review of Books 12.11.15


Barry Reay, Nina Attwood & Claire Gooder, Sex Addiction: A Critical History, Times Literary Supplement 06.11.15


Simon Critchley, On Suicide, Vol.1 Brooklyn 03.11.15


Jason Burke, The New Threat: From Islamic Militancy, New Internationalist October 2015


Michel Houellebecq, Submission, The Tablet 26.09.15


Miles Klee, True False: Stories, Times Literary Supplement 25.09.15


Valeria Luiselli, The Story of My Teeth, Full Stop 14.09.15


Robert Roper, Nabokov in America: On the Road to Lolita, Los Angeles Review of Books 12.09.15


Andrew Cockburn, Kill Chain: Drones and the Rise of High-Tech Assassins, New Internationalist September 2015


Linda Beail and Lilly Goren eds., Mad Men and Politics: Nostalgia and the Remaking of Modern America, Times Literary Supplemnt 14.08.15


Francis O’Gorman, Worrying: A Literary and Cultural History, The Economist 30.07.15

Clay Risen, The Bill of the Century: The Epic Battle for the Civil Rights Act, The Tablet 25.07.15


Viviane Forrester, Virginia Woolf: A Portrait, Full Stop 13.07.15


Joseph Reagle, Reading the Comments: Likers, Haters and Manipulators at the Bottom of the Web; and Whitney Phillips, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Mapping the Relationship Between Online Trolling and Mainstream Culture,  Spectator 06.06.15


David Balzer, Curationism: How Curation Took Over the Art World and Everything Else, Art & Music (The Saatchi Gallery Magazine) Summer 2015

Nicholas Griffin, Ping-Pong Diplomacy: Ivor Montagu and the Astonishing Story Behind the Game That Changed the World, Times Literary Supplement 29.05.15

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